5 SEO Best Practices for Small Business

5 SEO Best Practices for Small Business


Every small business out there wants to rank at the top of search engines and appear on the first page for relevant keywords. When your website appears on the first page, you increase your website traffic and conversion rates. It increases the chances of your target customers finding your business online.

There is no other way to make your website or business become visible online if not to invest in SEO. You can start by inviting SEO Services Sunshine Coast to help you go through SEO hurdles and make your rank at the top.

1. Content is king

Content is still king in ranking your website at the top of Google and other search engines. If you want your website or online store to appear on organic search results in your location, you should focus on quality content to publish on your website. Seek web design Brisbane services to optimize your website for content.

The content you publish on your website should focus more on addressing the customer pain points and educating them on product usage, features, and functionalities.

2. Keyword research

It is not all about creating content to publish on your website; you want to ensure that your content contains the most relevant keywords to your business. Therefore, you should do keyword research to find keywords related to your business.

For instance, if you are selling appliances, your customers are most likely to be using keywords like a fridge, pan, cooker, etc.

You should start with a list of 20-50 keywords that relate to your business validate the keywords. You should find out if your target customers use the keywords you have chosen to search for your business online.

3. Focus on what makes your business unique

When marketing your brand, you should focus more on your unique selling points. This applies too in SEO.

Your business is competing with others in the market. Therefore, if you want to capture the attention of your target customers, you should look for keywords that differentiate your business from others in your geographic location.

The competition will also be stiff on the keywords you buy for pay-per-click campaigns on which your ad appears beside a free search result. You will pay Google every time a user clicks on your advert.

4. Avoid keyword staffing

Keyword stuffing is not the best SEO practice for any website that wants to convert leads. When you have a lot of keywords in your content, you are not likely to focus on creating informative content for your target audience.

Therefore, it is important to create content for users and not search engines. If you sprinkle keywords all over the content, you irritate users and they are more likely to bounce off.

5. Link building

The more sites carry the links to your website, the higher you will rank on search engines. Therefore, it is important to guest post and publishes content on other authority sites.

The trick is that when your target customers visit such a website, they will find links to your website and click on them. This is one sure way of increasing traffic to your website and hopefully your conversion rate.


If you want to market your business online, you should make it appear at the top of search engines. You can employ the five best SEO practices highlighted here to boost your website rank on search engines and grow your business with time.

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