How to Buy the Best Off-Road Light as a Beginner

How to Buy the Best Off-Road Light as a Beginner


Choosing the perfect light for your off-roading adventure as a beginner can be challenging, especially with an array of options available in the market. While multiple web pages compare the most popular off-road light options in the market to find the best one, there is no such thing as the “perfect off-road light”. As much as off-roading activities are thrilling, things can often go downhill if you don’t have access to the proper gear and equipment designed to offer a smoother off-roading experience. An off road light is one such equipment that must be present in your car throughout the off-road journey.

That said; let’s take a look at the top three tips to choose the best off-road lights for a beginner.

1. Consider the type of adventure you’re planning to go for 

A lot of people who have a knack for off-roading activities don’t consider the kind of adventure they are planning to go for before finalizing their off-road lights. For instance, if you are planning to go down the dunes of a desert, you might require off-roading lights with a different lumen, beam, and colour than the ones required while making your way up to a huge mountain cliff with slippery slopes. The basic idea is to ask yourself about the type of adventure or the off-roading activity that you are interested in and look for lights that suit those conditions the best. A lot of the time, people place their order for off-roading lights before doing their research on the different types of off-roading activities and lights to suit each of those conditions. If you want to enjoy your off-roading experience to the fullest, try buying the lights from an online platform that has a smooth return policy like DUBAI 4WD, which allows their customers to place a return request for seven days after receiving the item. Make sure that you don’t damage the item, and keep all the necessary documents like your payment slip and tags intact for a successful return request.

Once you have an idea about the type of adventure that you’re going on, consider the speed with which you’ll be moving the vehicle. If you’re planning to test your off-roading skills as a beginner and don’t plan on over-speeding, short-range off-road lights will be the perfect choice to make the experience fun and memorable. An experienced off-roader, on the other hand, would stick to mid to far-range off-road lights to facilitate their over-speeding action and illuminate the path better.

2. Do your research on different kinds of off-roading lights available 

As someone new to off-roading adventures, you are only familiar with the most popular off-road light option, i.e., the Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs. However, you will be shocked to see a range of lights with different colours, temperatures, diodes, intensity, and output designed for different types of off-roading activities. Apart from the most popular off-road light option, i.e., the LEDs, there are a ton of other options available in the market, which usually goes unnoticed by the majority of the off-roading population. If you have spent the majority of your budget on your vehicle and are tight on the budget for off-road lights, halogens are the perfect choice, as they are the most affordable option available in the market. Despite being low-cost, halogens deliver a decent light output with warmer colour temperatures to illuminate objects and paths in stormy and foggy weather conditions.

If halogens sound too old-fashioned for your liking, try going for xenon discharge off-road lights. These lights are more expensive than halogens and offer a higher light output that helps view objects at longer distances. The only disadvantage of using xenon off-road lights is that they require a short period, which doesn’t last for more than a minute, to come into action.

Now that you have some idea about the different kinds of off-road lights available in the market, you can choose the one that suits your adventure, needs, and budget the best. If you’re a bit tight on the budget and want lights to assist you for shorter distances, halogens are the way to go. While LEDs are your best bet when it comes to providing the best light output at an affordable price. You can check our platform, DUBAI 4WD, for the best off road led lights at an affordable price for your next off-roading adventure.

3. Look into the lumen rating and beam pattern 

While buying off-road lights, many people confuse the lumen rating written at the back or neck of the packaging as the total light output offered. While lumen rating is the most used metric that’s used to describe the light output, the actual output of the off-road lights can be much smaller than the one indicated by the lumen rating. Therefore, it is better to resort to other metrics, such as Lux and Candela, for determining the total power output of off-road lights, as the actual output can be much less than the lumen rating.

Another important thing to keep in mind while buying off-road lights for your next adventure is the beam pattern. The kind of beam pattern required by you is dependent on the type of adventure you’re planning to go for. In addition to the kind of off-roading activity, factors like weather conditions, terrain, slope, and velocity of the vehicle also play an important role in determining the best beam pattern for your adventure.

This ends our list of the top three tips to buy the best off-road lights as a beginner. To purchase the best off-road lights, you need to determine the kind of adventure you are planning to take yourself on. Apart from that, factors like weather conditions, terrain, the timing of the adventure, and the velocity of the vehicle are all essential in determining the best lights for your off-road adventure. At DUBAI 4WD, you can find a range of off-road LED lights, new car accessories, and replaceable car parts to prepare your car to face the next off-roading challenge.

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